4 Ways to Style Denim Shorts

4 Ways to Style Denim Shorts

Posted by Emma Giesea on May 29th 2019

Don't let the summer heat fry your fashionista brain! Sure, there's nothing wrong with wearing the same pair of denim shorts on repeat, but we're showing you how to change it up so every outfit looks drastically different for any occasion! Keep scrolling for 4 ways to style denim shorts! 

Outfit #1:


I call this the business casual look - of course you can't wear it to the office (unless your boss is THAT awesome) but it's hard not to look put together when you're wearing a blazer! This outfit is classy + professional, without trying too hard. You could go anywhere from the mall, to a night out in this look! And that mustard yellow will have your tan glowing!

Outfit #2:


Outfit #3:

So maybe you're into the casual look, in which case, we've got you covered! This is the standard summer uniform - graphic tee, denim shorts, and some cute sneaks! This outfit is perfect for almost anything. Running around after the kids, hitting amusement parks, or just running errands, you can't go wrong with this look. And we know you're all about supporting other babes, so it spreads a good message too!


This look is alllll about the femme, and it shows! Pretty eyelet lace, a go to pair of comfortable heels, and some jewelry? All you're missing is a cute bag + you'll be good to go! This look is perfect for date nights where the heat doesn't stop under the moon. This outfit brings a little bit of southern charm to your summer!

Outfit #4:

TankShortsKimonoEarrings (shoes coming to new arrivals soon!)

Can you say street chic?! This look is edgy in all the right ways, but still show stopping! With multiple layers, you can take off the kimono if the day is heating up, or throw it on if you're needing the extra layer. P.S. this kimono doubles perfectly as a swimsuit cover up, so the versatility of this outfit is top notch! 

We know how hard it can be finding the perfect pair of denim shorts, so when you do find them, we understand if you want to wear them all day everyday! Just make sure you're changing up the styles on top, because we're giving you SO many options! Happy shopping + summering Gems,