5 Tips for Better Documenting the Holiday Season

5 Tips for Better Documenting the Holiday Season

Posted by Reggie Ann Film and Photo on Nov 12th 2018

By: Reggie Ann Film and Photo

1. Shoot for YOURSELF and not for Instagram
The holiday season is the time when everyone is so concerned about decorating their house, putting on their cute new sweaters and trying to live up to all the standards that the social media world is setting.  While posing for the perfect christmas tree picture and adding so and so's holiday mobile presets is something that might get 1,000 likes on Instagram, is that even real?  When I want to revisit and remember any moment that I have documented, I don't go and look at those perfect pictures and videos, I go back to those real and raw moments that didn't make the picture perfect cut for Instagram.  We can have a cohesive feed, that's marketing, that's business, but the moments that don't necessarily make the cut for Instagram are those that you will want to remember for forever. Our lives aren't made up of perfect little 1080x1080 pixel squares, our lives are made up of the burnt dinners you tried so hard to make for your husband, days spent with last nights make up on your face and in your pajamas but you got SO much done, and days where your kids slip a very innapropriate word and you wonder how in the world you are allowed to be a parent.

2. Capture the in between moments
It's easy to remember to pull out your camera as soon as you finish building your perfect gingerbread house or once you perfectly set up your Christmas tree.  What we really forget to capture is the icing fight you had with your siblings and the ridiculous amount of times it took you to put the star on top of the tree.  Those in between moments are what make those picture perfect moments so special.  We might not think to video or take a photo of us singing Christmas carols in the car, but it's guaranteed to be something that we will look back at and laugh about.  We ALWAYS carry one of the greatest tools in our pocket that allows you to capture any moment at any given time, make it a goal to take advantage of the little device in your pocket that is going to caputre those candid and genuine moments.

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3. The power of a tangible photo
There is just something about having a tangible image that you can keep in your wallet or on your bedside table.  Snapping a poloroid photo, creating a photo book or even printing your photos at your local print shop are just a few ways that you can keep those moments constantly in your sight.  We live in a digital world, but receiving a Christmas card from an old friend or giving a photo album as a gift is so much more than a Snapchat or a post on someone's Facebook wall.  We all value photos and it literally costs pennies to print them out!! By printing them out they will never be lost on your hardrive or deleted from the cloud.  Let's make it a new year's resolution to display the photos we've taken.

4. Don't forget to snap a pic of your holiday traditions
Whether it be your yearly Christmas pajamas or all of your siblings waiting by the stairs on Christmas morning, don't forget to caputre those moments that sometimes get looked over because they happen every single year.  Switch it up this year by setting up a timelapse of you opening presents on Christmas morning, make a synchronized dance video in your Christmas pajamas, or snap boomerang of your brother devouring his Thanksgiving pie.    

5. Your journal doesn't have to be any certain way
When i'm not capturing my life through pictures and videos, my favorite way to capture my thoughts and experiences is through my journal.  You may not think your life is exciting enough to fill up a whole page, trust me, mine isn't either.  I still make sure to fill up my unfinished pages by simply looking up journal prompts online.  This allows me to be creative and write about things that I never would have thought about.  Some people write bullet point journals, smash books, gratitude journals, or keep a google doc on their phone.  The possibilites when it comes to keeping a journal are endless.  It doesn't have to be a written auto-biogrpahy with pen and paper.  I like to tuck my ticket stubs and programs into my notebook or keep receipts from cool experiences in my journal.  There is no right or wrong way to record your life, just find a way that fits your personality!

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