Accessories Every Fashionista Needs

Accessories Every Fashionista Needs

Posted by Brooke Lewis on Jul 2nd 2019

Just like ice cream with a cherry on top, accessories add that extra something to an outfit that might not seem necessary, but it just completes the look. Maybe for you it could be a fun pair of earrings, a unique bracelet, or even a scrunchy. But don't worry gems, we have everything you need!


There is nothing better than a great statement earring. These babies are fashionable & also very lightweight (no one likes a heavy earring). Plus, every fashionista knows that rose gold is IN. These earrings would look great with a simple dress, a fun top paired with some skinnies, or even a classy jumpsuit. No matter what style you are, you have an outfit in your closet waiting to be completed with these Minimalist Triangle Earrings.

Bracelet Ring

If you don't have any turquoise jewelry, you are missing out on this trend! We have a few turquoise accessories on our website right now & we know you are going to LOVE them! Adding just a touch of turquoise can add some color & completion to your outfit. Everyone has that simple white t-shirt or tank top tucked into their closet. So, bust it out with a pair of skinnies, add this Turquoise Stone Stretch Bracelet & this Turquoise Teardrop Ring, then you are good to go! 


This is the hottest trend this season hands down. Every fashionista is wearing them & they look so dang cute! Who wouldn't love looking fashionable but also keeping their hair out of their face? This Triangle Pearl Barrette is so versatile that you can wear it with a tank top and jeans, or even a darling dress. This barrette is stunning & I am obsessed with the pearl detail. Hurry & hop on this trend before it is too late!


I have been obsessed with ALL things cheetah and leopard print lately and this scrunchy is to die for. You can wear this adorable scrunchy on your wrist like a bracelet and or also in your hair. Plus, wearing a scrunchy in your hair won't cause those annoying pony tail lines! This  Leopard Scrunchy is adorable, goes with everything, and every fashionista needs it. Scrunchies are making there comeback and they are looking as fabulous as ever!

Every fashionista loves accessories and these are just a few from our website right now! There are many more but these are just a few of my favorites. Don't forget to add some accessories to your next outfit to complete your look. Plus, adding some of our accessories will make you look daw dropping. And Gems, never forget...

Be Bold. Be Fashionable.

-B. Styled