Accessorizing for Under $20

Jul 12th 2017

Accessorizing for under $20

You don't have to be a fashion icon to know that tops, bottoms, and shoes are all an essential part of the outfit, but sometimes, it's the details that make up all the difference! Accessories can often go unnoticed and unappreciated, but today, we're changing all of that! I'm highlighting accessories for you babes that WON'T break the bank, but are downright adorable!


If you follow our new arrivals, it's no secret that earrings have taken over! We've got SO many cute, unique styles for you lovely ladies! Dangly earrings have definitely made their comeback, and we are thrilled about it! All of these earrings are just $16 a piece, so you can snag a few! 

Details: Triple Bead EarringsBead + Tassel EarringsTassel Earrings


You guys... I have an unhealthy OBSESSION with chokers... it's bad. But they are just so darn cute + make any outfit that much more darling! They are such an easy accessory to throw on but they make such a big transformation for the outfit! All of these chokers are $14, STEAL!

Details: Beth Choker (pink)Double Crystal Choker (jade)Wrapped Up Choker (sky)


These sunnies are TOO freakin' cute y'all! And I'm the queen of losing/breaking/damaging sunglasses, so I can never ever spend a ton of money on them because that would be a waste! These sunnies are only $14 (yes, I know, it's cray cray) and so pretty, so basically you need every pair. They are the perfect summer accessory! 

Details: Lennon Sunnies (sun)Laguna Sunnies (silver)

Ball Caps:


You didn't think I would do a piece on accessories and not include hats, did ya?! Summer = bad hair days EVERYDAY. Ain't nobody got time to wash the sweaty, greasy, chlorine messes that we call hair every day (& if you do please share your secrets) so ball caps are basically our best friends. These ones are all $18, which is pretty dang cheap if it means getting to put off washing one more day!

Details: Leather Cap (this one's only $14.99), Shay Hat (pink)Play Catch Cap

Alrighty, there ya have it! These are only a few highlights from our extensive accessory collection, so you'll have to check out the rest! Even the simplest outfit can be improved with just a small accessory, so try it out this week!

As always, happy shopping babes!



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