America's Most Underrated Beach | Destin, Florida

America's Most Underrated Beach | Destin, Florida

Posted by Katelyn Taylor on Apr 15th 2019

I spent the last week in the prettiest hidden gem ever!! Destin, Florida is one of the most beautiful beach towns in America & unless you live right around there, it's not likely you know about it. Clear water, I mean you can LITERALLY see the bottom of the ocean floor clear water, WHITE sand, and dolphins all around! It was the best getaway & I'm here to tell you all the must-dos! 

Find the sandals I'm wearing in the picture above here!


If you look just outside of the city of Destin you will find the most adorable beach houses for around the same price you can rent a hotel room for! We found the CUTEST yellow house just a hop, skip and a jump from the ocean front in Santa Rosa. The best part is that it's away from the busy crowds and you're only 10 minutes from all the activities! Plus, who wouldn't want to spend a week in a yellow beach-front house?!

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Spend AT LEAST one day just relaxing on the beach! The water is warm & clear & the sand is SO SOFT!! Destin is the perfect destination if you're looking to relax and do nothing for a week!


My three biggest fears: heights, water, and boat propellers (okay, snakes is up there, too). Annnnnd for some reason I love parasailing!! 

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Of course the fear was still present, lol.

Once you are up in the air it is SO COOL!! You can see right through the water (we spotted a school of sting rays) and it's unbelievably peaceful. We scheduled parasailing with Just Chute Me - I can't say enough good about them! They put safety first & always made sure we were having fun!


Unless you schedule your trip in the dead middle of summer, you are bound to have at least one rainy day. But, don't you worry! Destin has the funnest indoor mini golf course! Mini golf is huge in the south & their courses are not lacking. I highly recommend taking a swing at it if you find yourself rained in for a day or two! Deciding what to wear on a rainy day in Florida can be hard because it is still HOT outside. This top (coming soon) paired with these shorts was perfect! Ps- doing your hair is a lost cause when it's rainy + humid! 

If you are looking for a getaway in the states, head to Destin! You won't regret it!