Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Posted by Emma Giesea on Jul 10th 2019

Summer time isn't just known for it's hot weather, carefree vacations, and long days, it's also WEDDING season. If that makes you go into panic mode (like it does for some of us) we're here to make sure that you're the best dressed guest around! Keep on scrolling!

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This one's for the girliest of girls! Florals, a touch of pink, and all the prettiest accessories! This easy breezy dress will keep you cool for an outdoor wedding, and have you dancing all night long. We know you're not supposed to look better than the bride but hey, at least you're not wearing white too!


This look is my personal favorite (but let's pretend you didn't hear that). This layered look is the perfect way to make a dress look like a skirt and top and you can find the tutorial video on our IGTV (@rubyclaireboutique). The pattern mix of the cheetah booties + plaid dress is such a statement, and the hat is just the cherry on top! 


A jumpsuit is a change up from the basic dress or skirt option, and it's eye catching in every way! The classic navy blue makes you look put together + mature, and the spaghetti straps will keep you cool under the hot sun! You won't have to worry about your dress flying up in the wind or going too hard on the dance floor - so it'll make your worries melt away!

There's no crime in showing up to the wedding with looks that could kill - so don't be afraid to stand out Gems! If there's one way you can get through this time of year, darling looks are the way to do it! Happy wedding season and shopping!