Emma's Ab Workout

Emma's Ab Workout

Posted by Emma Giesea on Apr 18th 2019

Okay Gems, bikini season is RIGHT around the corner (yikes, right?!) No fear though, I have a killer ab workout for you that'll have you showing a six pack in no time! This one is easy to do at home or the gym because it requires nothing but body weight! I'm going to go through step by step and give you some instructions on each move, keep scrolling! BTW: You need to do this circuit THREE TIMES THROUGH to make it buuuurn.

20 Bicycle Crunches:

This one is pretty simple. Start on your back and lift your legs about 6 inches off the floor. Alternate touching your elbow to your opposite knee while crunching both into the middle. P.S. don't touch your bottom leg to the floor at any time!

Elbow to Knee Crunch (10 per side)

Pick one knee and crunch it in as tight as it'll ball up. When you're ready, take the opposite elbow and tap it to your knee and then back down to the floor. Again, don't let your bottom leg touch the floor at any point. After 10, switch knees and elbows!

Knee to Elbow Crunch (10 per side)

Now, pick one elbow and crunch it in as tight as you can. While your bottom leg dangles, you are going to pull your opposite knee into the elbow. This one is TRICKY, but the only thing that should be moving is your knee, nothing else! After 10 on one side, switch sides and do 10 more!

10 Leg Raises

Grab your nearest bench, couch, or even floor for this one! While grabbing on to the top of the bench, pull your lower half up towards you, lifting your butt. Do your best to reach a vertical position with your legs and most of your torso. Then, lower your legs down again, without touching them to the floor!

10 Elevated Tuck Crunches

On the same surface, you're going to position your butt towards the back of the bench. Grab onto the back of it with your hands slightly to your side and kick your feet out so that you're in almost a perfect straight line. Tuck your knees into your chest while meeting in the middle. Then slowly release your legs and chest and return to the laying position.

Do this circuit a total of THREE TIMES (so that means you'll be doing 60 bicycle crunches, etc.) and feel those abs start to peek through! Once you're done with this workout, you can reward yourself with a little online shopping at RubyClaire, duh! Happy shopping and working out Gems!