Fall Festivities Pt. 1 1/2

Posted by Anna Doyle on Oct 11th 2017

Ok guys, I just had to hop in here this week and tell you JUST how much I adore fall festivities! All of them we have shared with you here are fabulous, but I really wanted to go in deep on my favorite of them all! PUMPKIN PATCHING.

Could there BE anything more fall than picking pumpkins? (You read that like Chandler Bing right??) The correct answer is no. As most of you know by now, I'm the only sister living away from the rest, and from home. I'm currently residing in Las Vegas, NV, and the business, and rest of the sisters are together across Northern Utah. One of my favorite memories we have together was going to a pumpkin patch, with our entire families, before I moved. 

Our family home used to be in North Logan, UT, one of the city's annual traditions is the Pumpkin Walk. It's something we always would look forward to doing, and is pretty much a staple family night, or date night for local Cache Vallians (is that a word?)

I'm kind of dying that I can't find any photos to share of this night! It was before days of Instagram and iPhones, so you'll just have to paint a picture in your head of the scene I can remember. 

We all met at the house and had dinner as a family, and then headed down the street, with all the kids bundled up, to the Pumpkin Walk. The little kids loved it! Each booth, or display, is created with an individual theme that members of the community can create. Local authorities, school classes, youth groups, etc. are the brains behind the displays, and every year they are better and better!

For this particular trip, my husband and I didn't have kids yet, but watching Julie and Kristin's kids enjoy the holiday festivities inspired me to make an effort with my future family. I'm no longer able to attend the annual Pumpkin Walk in North Logan, but I make sure to find pumpkin patches for my kids to enjoy here in Las Vegas. Easton is old enough now to start reflecting on memories of past years; and even though Max and Josie are still young, they are old enough to soak up the excitement around them, which makes the memories all that more precious for me and my husband!

No matter what kind of traditions you create for your family, I urge you to find what fits for YOUR family and YOUR circumstances. Even if you've moved like us, and can't recreate a yearly tradition, you can find similar activities and start a new holiday tradition!