Find Your Style

Find Your Style

Posted by Emma Giesea on Sep 26th 2019

Isn't it daunting when people make you talk about yourself? Whether the question is "what do you like to do?", or "tell us a little bit about yourself", why are discussions and decisions so hard when it comes to us? If we ask you, "what style are you?" and you don't know the answer, we're here to help. We've narrowed down the categories to just 5 styles, and we're taking one shirt and styling it for each category. Whichever outfit you like the best might just be the style for you! 



We'll start things off nice + easy. Classic style is just the essentials, the kind of stuff your wardrobe needs to be built on. Classic style is where you'll find go-to jeans, simple shoes, and timeless jewelry. This outfit is nothing too flashy, but of course, stylish. If the classic style is for you, shop more looks here!



Okay all you sporty spice girls, this one's for you. If you're constantly on the go, running errands after the gym or a workout, and you just like to keep things easy + comfortable, sporty style is for you. Some may refer to this style as athleisure, the kind of clothes you can stay in all day that transition easily from place to place. If the sporty style is for you, shop more looks here!



Now we're getting into the more intricate style categories. Boho style is not so easy to decipher, but think wide brim hats, loose fitting clothes, and chunky heels. We know the boho vibes aren't for everyone, but when they look this gorgeous, you might just have to give it a try. A pro tip to master this style? Layer on the jewelry. If boho style is just for you, shop more styles here!



And now for the girly girls! This style is for the girls who like to wear skirts often, heels, and dainty jewelry and accessories. Think the Blair Waldorfs of the world, pearls galore, and ruffles too. This outfit has all the makings of a girly girl's favorites, and if you're drawn to this look, shop more girly styles here!



Last but not least, let's talk edgy! This style can be interpreted many different ways, but we'll break it down RubyClaire style. Anything that is just a little bit different than the standard "norm" could be considered edgy. It's not your average, run of the mill look. Our edgy girls are the ones who dare to try different things, who take fashion risks constantly. If this style catches your eye, shop more of it here!

Hopefully by now you can easily answer the question "what is your style?". If not, we have one more option for you. Take our STYLE QUIZ and find out more in depth what style is catered towards you. Once you know what your style is, shopping becomes a whole lot easier! Happy shopping Gems,