Guide to Gift Giving

Guide to Gift Giving

Posted by Emma Giesea on Nov 7th 2019

Ah, the holiday season. With all the joy that it brings, it also brings that awkward time of year that you have to find gifts for everyone on your list. We're giving you a guide to gift giving that you won't need to check sizes or style for, these babies can go to anyone, keep scrolling!


For the girl who loves HAIR, this is the perfect gift duo. We all know the girls who like to dress up their 'do, whether it's with a hat, scrunchie, barrette or headband, we've got something for everyone! This type of present is perfect because one size fits all!

Key ringPom Pom Pouch

For the girl that is ALWAYS on the go (or maybe just the one who can't seem to ever keep track of her keys) this is the ideal gift! We've all been there, losing a single key or misplacing them just when we need them most. The WORST, right? Hook one of these bad boys on to your keys, and you'll never lose them again. Plus, enjoy a little extra storage with the pom keychain! 

Fall MugDog Mom Mug

For the avid coffee drinker in your life (or tea, hot chocolate, or even just mug treats) this is THE gift. Teachers, business gals, and stay at home moms alike can all agree that a good mug can go a long way! With so many cheeky little sayings to choose from, don't just limit yourself to these two! 


For the tech savvy queen in your life, these gifts are a go-to. Dress up your phone with this gorgeous conch charm for a little personal touch. Or, add it to the end of your popsocket for a little extra grip! And of course, no tech loving gal can get through winter without a good ol' pair of touch screen gloves! Save your hands from the cold + keep them cute too! 

Our entire HIDDEN GEMS Collection is dedicated to presents just like these, whether you're gifting to your kid's teachers, your boss, or even just your besties, you can't go wrong with any of these! And another safe bet so you don't have to ask for sizing? Just get them a RC Gift Card! Happy gifting and shopping Gems,