Photo Shoot Tips with Em + B

Photo Shoot Tips with Em + B

Posted by Emma Giesea on Aug 1st 2019

Whether it's for family pictures, work, or even something as simple as an ID photo, getting in front of the camera can be a little nerve wracking. Not being able to see what the camera is capturing is sometimes SO scary and it's okay! Brooke and I are here to give you a few of our best tips for getting in front of the camera lens and it just might help you relax a little bit next time it's your turn! Keep scrolling!

Emma's Top Tips: 

1. Try something candid! Nothing is worse than getting in a rut of posing. If you're feeling stiff, try moving around! I love to try spinning around, running, even dancing! If you have to, put a little bit of music on and get moving. 

2. Practice, practice, practice! If you're worried about an upcoming photo shoot and you want to master your best angles, get in front of the mirror! Play around with poses, and different sides, see which one you personally like better and practice getting into a position you like the way you look in. 

3. Find photo inspiration, but don't kick yourself if it doesn't look identical! We can find inspiration everywhere, especially in the age of social media. If you see something you like, there's nothing wrong with loosely copying it. BUT, here's the trick: don't get down on yourself if it doesn't turn out exactly the same, it shouldn't! It's called inspiration, not plagiarism! 

Brooke's Top Tips:

1. Just have fun with it - If you're not having a good time, the camera will pick up on that! Life is too short to take things THAT seriously, so just laugh it off!

2. Don't shoot for perfection, sometimes it takes a few pictures to get that perfect shot! If you're trying too hard to be what's "perfect" in your mind, your picture might turn out stiff or a little bit awkward. 

3. Always be confident in how you look and be yourself. SELF LOVE! If you don't love the way you look, how can anyone else?! Just be confident that you're killing it! Don't try to channel anyone else, just be authentically you.


- (if possible) Find a photographer that you are comfortable with! They are going to see you at your most vulnerable, and a good photographer can make all the difference. Get someone who you aren't afraid to laugh with, and even someone who can help you with posing and making sure you look your best!

- Plan your wardrobe ahead of time, and make sure you LIKE it! You know that feeling when you're rocking a killer outfit that you're really, really proud of?! That's how your photo shoot should feel too.

Alright Gems, it's your turn! We hope that you can put these top tips to good use in your next shoot. And if you happen to be wearing RubyClaire, we want to see! Tag us in your photos or use the hashtag #wearrubyclaire so we can see all that hard work put to use! Happy shooting + shopping,


Em + B!