Relax, babe

Relax, babe

Posted by Brooke Lewis on May 5th 2020

Are you feeling stressed? A little overwhelmed with everything that is going on? Trust me, you are not alone with this. Sometimes all you need is a few things to help you relax. This weeks blog post is ALL about tips on how to destress a little more. Here are a few things that I have tried during this crazy time that have helped me, and maybe they will be able to help you!

Yoga is something that I just recently started, and let me tell you... I am OBSESSED. I never thought it would actually help me with stress and tension, but I was wrong! Every morning I wake up and I do an online yoga class. Plus, I love wearing my new Textured Active Crop Top paired with my High Waist Support Leggings. These leggings are perfect for yoga because they are stretchy, comfortable, and don't fall off your hips because they are high waisted. Trust me, these leggings will be the best $18 you will ever spend. AND, they come in so many darling colors. Relax by doing some yoga, but you might as well look good while you are doing it.

Have you ever tried a face mask? Maybe even a bath bomb? Run to target, grab a face mask, bath bombs, candles, and run yourself a bath. Take a good hour or two alone where you can relax a little bit. This will help you destress and will give you all the Good Vibes. Plus, look how darling this tee is! After your long bubble bath, wear this good vibes tee. You will feel brand new. 

Are you sick of watching Netflix? Me too, girlfriend. Lately, I have been trying to be better at sitting outside, enjoying some sunshine while reading a book. These three books are my absolute favorite. I am a sucker for books that are romantic, fashionable, and motivational. But, nothing makes me feel better than wearing my favorite graphic tee. And, this Outdoorsy Tee is hands down my favorite. Let's relax outside with a good book and add a stylish tee while we are at it. 

These are just a few tips and tricks that I have been doing during this quarantine. I hope you try some of these to help you relax, or you fell in love with a few of the darling things we have on the website right now. Stay safe, wash your hands, go for a walk, and relax, babe.

We are here for you. We love you.

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