RubyClaire Looks for Under $100

RubyClaire Looks for Under $100

Posted by Emma Giesea on Mar 16th 2017

I am a firm believer in never sacrificing style for money saving. It's totally do-able to have the cutest wardrobe + a happy wallet! I am always on the look out for steals whenever I'm shopping, or looking for promo codes when I'm shopping online. You do not have to spend a lot to be style savvy, and I'm gonna show you how! Keep reading for stylish looks for under $100 (yes this includes shoes + accessories!)

Outfit #1:

I love love love a good skirt! This one is perfect because it is form fitting but long, so you're not lookin' like a hoochie mama! Plus this side strap tee is the best not-so-basic white shirt! I tied it in a cute little knot so the high waisted skirt could be seen. And can we talk about these shoes please?! Holy shoe heaven! My fav color + the cutest heel and style. They are comfortable too!

Skirt: $16.00

Top: $24.00

Shoes: $38.00

Bracelet: $19.99

Grand Total: $97.99

Details: ShirtSkirtShoesBracelet

Outfit #2:

This outfit is a little bit more Fall oriented, but being stylish for a good price should always be in season so who cares? This peplum top is too cute and that forrest green is so pretty. These leggings are super cozy + they don't look slouchy, so you can feel comfortable while still looking cute and who doesn't love that? I paired them with these cute black booties, which are the simplest shoe to throw on and they pair with almost anything. 

Shirt: $28.00

Leggings: $32.00

Shoes: $36.00

Grand Total: $96.00

Details: ShoesTopLeggings

Outfit #3:

This velvet top is everything!! Seriously I love it so so much. The color, the fabric, the style, everything is just so perfect. I decided to go pretty basic on bottom, with the black leggings. Leggings are so comfortable and since this top is longer and covers the bum, I feel like leggings are an acceptable choice. And these tenni's, SO cute. The pattern along with the shiny gold material just makes them so stylish but still good for on the go! Also, I know I've said it before but I'll say it again... I LOVE chokers! This black beaded choker is new and so dang cute! The perfect addition to this sporty but chic outfit. 

Shirt: $34.00

Leggings: $18.00

Shoes: $24.00

Choker: $14.00

Grand Total: $90.00

Details: ShirtLeggingsShoes, (Choker coming soon)

Happy shopping loves!