RubyClaire Summer Bucket List

RubyClaire Summer Bucket List

Posted by Katelyn Taylor on Jun 10th 2019

Hey Gems! What do you have going on this summer? What's on your summer bucket list? While the boss babes who own RubyClaire are busy running your favorite online boutique, they also make a lot of time for fun! Check out their summer bucket lists below. 


1. Hawaii with my husband - and our kids for their first time

2. Hiking High Creek, the Wind Caves and the Wellsvilles

3. Bear Lake with friends

4. Lots of pool time

5. Read at least 2 books!


1. My entire family is headed to Yellowstone this summer to stay in a big cabin, go fishing, have bonfires, and go horseback riding! To say we are excited is an understatement! 

2. My husband and I are taking our 3 kids to Denver to see the Rockies play our favorite team, the San Francisco Giants! We are HUGE baseball fans, so this is a trip we are all counting down to! 

3. My oldest is turning 8 years old this summer, so we are already coming up with all sorts of ideas for his party, leaning towards a big blow up waterslide for all of his buddies to play on! 

4. This is our first year back in a “garden friendly” climate. (Las Vegas was just a BIT too hot!) My kids and I are excited to plant, and watch our veggies and flowers grow all summer long! 

5. Biggest item on our bucket list, is just time spent as a family. As much as all the big trips are fun and exciting, I am looking forward to local hikes, nights in our yard playing catch, roasting marshmallows and playing in the sprinklers and bubbles!


1. Weekend getaway with my hubs. 

2. Lots of pool days with the kids 

3. Family Trip to the Cabin 

4 . Sundays at Snowbasin for music and sunshine 

5. Lagoon, Lagoon, Lagoon!


1. Hawaii

2. Go to lots of horse shows 

3. Spend time with family

4. Read a good book or two 

5. Take lots of pretty pictures

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