RubyClaire Valentine Date Favorites!

Posted by Felica Allen on Feb 12th 2017

ANNA - Classic romantic night out & her tiny heart throb!

My ideal Valentine's includes a simple dinner date to a nice steakhouse, like a Ruth's Chris kinda place. And then a great show! We are lucky enough to live in Las Vegas, so the options are endless. My favorite show we have been to has got to be Jabowockeez, but this upcoming year we are going to try to see more Cirque du Soleil performances!

For a night out, I think a simple shift dress and heels is the best option. It's a timeless style that I just can't get enough of! 

My favorite memory of Valentines might be this year though! I know that just a few days ago might not be long enough to be a memory....but my son who is in kindergarten was so excited to invite my husband and I to his school's Sweetheart dinner this last week. We got a babysitter for the younger two kids and were able to spend one on one time with just him! He loved every second of it, running around with his friends in the lunchroom and telling us all the ins and outs of his days. It was such a fun and special night for all of us, and one that I won't soon forget! 

JULIE - A family affair

For me, Valentine's Day has really evolved to include our whole family! We have developed the tradition of having a “Fancy” Valentine's dinner including some of everyone’s favorite dishes, and complete with candles and flowers for the centerpiece. The kids look forward to it every year now.

The other thing I do is to get or make a valentines card for everyone in my family, and write each one a special love-letter, letting them know the special things about them that I love, and pointing out their individual traits that make them unique and a special part of our family. I’ve done this since they are all young, and after they read them and keep them for a few days, I file them away in a folder to keep for them forever. I set the cards out on the breakfast table along with some chocolates or a little gift so they can read them and enjoy them during their breakfast - which is usually pink heart pancakes.

My outfit for valentines day this year will be casual, but still special! I love our Fall Ball Tee | Grey Stripe, the Micha Jeans, and the Sara Booties. I might even top it off with the Shay Hat depending on how much time I have to get ready in the morning! I’m always a huge fan of Blush and Floral.

One of my favorite Valentine's memories was when I surprised my husband with a Valentines Lunch Date! I prepared a box with treats and drinks that I had made cute valentines printables for, and picked up warm sandwich from Quiznos that we could share. Then I picked him up from his work and we drove up Logan Canyon to First Dam (luckily it was warm-ish that year!) where we enjoyed our yummy lunch wrapped up in blankets together

KRISTIN - A Weekend Retreat!

My fave Valentine's Day ... my man planned it all (the best ever!) and surprised me with an entire weekend (kid free!) away! It was full of my favorite things ...getting my hair done, yoga classes, eating out, lots of relaxing and plenty of coffee and wine. I spent the better part of the weekend in either workout gear like my Get Fit Leggings and Cross Back Sports Bra or in my fave comfy's the Shirring Leggings, and Fields of Floral pullover! It wasn't fancy, but it was amazing and relaxing and just what I needed!

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