Stevie Jeans | Two Ways

Stevie Jeans | Two Ways

Posted by Anna Doyle on Feb 12th 2020

Not all jeans are created equal. Actually, not all clothing items are created equal. Ok, let me explain. Although every size 2 pair of KanCan jeans is cut to the same measurement, they will fit every size 2 body differently. Just like any size large top is definitely going to fit a size 8/10 36DD woman differently than a size 12/14 38C.

Today, let's just focus on one thing at time. Kristin and I both included the Stevie Skinny Jeans in our most recent Sister's Collection release, and each of us absolutely LOVE the way they fit! Even though we have very different body types.

Kristin is 5'10" and wears a size 7. She has legs for days (something I have always dreamed of!) She's got a longer torso, so the waistline of the Stevie's hit her right at the belly button.

And then there is me, I am 5'4" and wear a size 5. I've got short legs, and a short torso. The combination of the two result in the waistline of these jeans hitting me right at my waistline, well above my belly button. The ankle is a little too long to be worn down, so I have to cuff them up about 2 inches.

Like I said before, we both LOVE the jeans, and they way the fit...even though they are completely different looks on each of us! No matter what your body shape or size might be, we know that our pieces will look great. The mission for us in the boutique is to help each and every one of our Gems to feel their best in their RubyClaire pieces!