Styling Cardigans

Styling Cardigans

Posted by Emma Giesea on Oct 3rd 2019

It's cardi season Gems, and as excited as I'm sure you are to have them back in rotation, styling them can get old fast. Before you run out of ideas, I'm here to help! Keep scrolling to see the variety of ways that you can mix it up with your favorite cardigans!

DressCardiganBooties, (hat coming soon to new arrivals)

This is the classy way to style cardigans this cold season. If you're headed to work, holiday parties, or even just a fancy date night, this is the outfit for you! Throwing a cardigan over a dress makes it more weather appropriate, and even allows you to pull your favorite spring and summer dresses into fall with you. What's an outfit without accessories?! Pair the look with your favorite statement shoes + hat to top it all off. 


This is the everyday, wear anywhere outfit! It's a look that can last you all day, no matter what you're doing. It's comfortable + practical, while still looking like you put in the effort. This cardigan is on the longer side and it is SO soft. It's got all the necessary fall colors you love and looks perfect with the Copper booties! 


Now THIS is the kind of comfort everyone should experience. This outfit is the, I don't realllyyy want to get out of bed today, but if I have to I'm bringing the comfort with me, kind of style. It's functional and looks good, but feels even better. This cardigan is SO soft, you'll feel like you brought your favorite blanket with you everywhere you go. Bonus points if you throw a festive graphic tee on top of the look too! 

There you have it Gems, cardigans can be SUPER versatile if you try! Don't get caught up in the rut of styling the same way again and again. If you need to stock up on more styles, we have SO many cardigans in store, and you can shop them HERE!