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Jul 5th 2017

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This week is allll about colors! "In" colors are constantly changing, so I know it's hard to keep with the trends! But this summer's hottest hits have all had one thing in common; pastels! I'm going to highlight some of our most fave items from each color category, so keep scrollin'!


I am loving mauve this season (and all seasons lets be honest) but anyone who knows me knows that I am partial to pink, I LOVE IT! However, even if you're not a fan of pink, mauve is still a great fit. It's cooler toned, with some purple hues mixed in there too! Plus, it looks gorgeous on anyone, so here's hoping that it never goes out of style!




Some might argue that this color is more of a neutral, which is true, but it's definitely a pastel in my book too! Taupe is the greatest go-to color ever! It goes with just about anything, and you can wear it during all seasons so it makes a perfect transitional shade! It can be worn as a statement color, or blend into the background to help something else pop so you can't go wrong with taupe!





This color is simply stunning, it's like a fresh ocean breeze + oh so refreshing! Mint is the perfect color to go with a tan, and it works well with other colors too! We love the greenish blue tones in this color, and have yet to find a piece in mint that we don't love!


MaxiEarringsSwing Dress

Alright chicas, now that you're in the know, try wearing these colors this summer + we promise they will be a hit! We have the cutest merchandise in all of these fun colors, and you can shop them 24/7! Here's a helpful hint: To find the color you want, type it into the search bar on the site, and all the items in that color will pop up for you on the spot!

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