Summer Trend Watch

Summer Trend Watch

Posted by Emma Giesea on May 2nd 2019

With the summer days just ahead of us, I thought I'd help you Gems get a jump start on all things fashion trends for summer 2019! These are my picks for what I think will be "big" this season, and you can be the first to hop on the band wagon, keep scrolling!



Neon, in summer? I know what you're thinking... how basic. BUT other than the obvious benefits (hello tan looking skin and glowing white teeth!) neon this summer has been crazy! These vibrant colors are taking over and I am loving it. Anything neon that you can get your hands on, I highly recommend doing so, you'll be at the top of the trends! 



Metallics are SO chic + sleek! This summer, take any outfit to the next level with anything + everything metallic! Swimsuits, shoes, accessories, it doesn't matter what it is, but it is IN. It doesn't just have to be silver - bronze, gold and even pink metallics are all game! Get your shine on this summer Gems!



I think there's a little theme going on here... anything bright for summer is going to be big! But as far as colors go... yellow specifically is going to be a hit! It's the color of sunshine + happiness, so it goes hand in hand with summer! These slides and earrings are just a taste of what fun yellow pieces are in store!

I know we're all SO pumped for summer, and hopefully after seeing the trends that are coming your way, you'll be even more ready for some fun under the sun! Happy shopping Gems,