#TellYouTuesday - Madre Homeliving  | + A GIVEAWAY!

#TellYouTuesday - Madre Homeliving | + A GIVEAWAY!

Posted by Anna Doyle on Jul 11th 2017

Just like our last feature, I’m so excited to introduce you to another home décor shop!  Madre Homeliving is a family company that has been in business a year, and started after Arami was literally sewing banners by hand for her own home, as well as friends and family. Her husband gifted her a sewing machine for “Madre’s Day” and from there they embarked on this new adventure together.



I absolutely love the way that these unique phases add a piece of personality to your home décor style. The banner design is a great shaped to mix in, and the canvas is a perfect way to add texture to your overall design. I've had a collage wall in mind for my stairwell, and the unique look of the banner is just what I needed to finally get myself to jump the gun and put it up! 

When I first saw these, two phrases stood out to me personally, for two different reasons. First, I loved the “Wild & Free” banner because of the way it translates so seamlessly into the stage of life I’m currently in. With a ‘big kid’ and two toddlers, our household is definitely WILD, and a much happier place when they feel they can roam ‘FREE’ within their space. When I pick home décor items, I pay close attention to whether items are breakable and child-proof but still fit into the overall style of my home. That way, I can keep the overall aesthetic that I enjoy, and I can also feel like they can run around and play without breaking things.

The second banner that I absolutely fell in love with, is the “It takes a Village” banner. I’ve heard this phrase all throughout my life, and never gave it much thought. I lived by my family for my whole life, up until the week before I had my first son Easton. We moved to Las Vegas, away from my "built-in" village (aka family) and it was a huge life change, definitely not something I imagined happening at a time when I needed them most. However, within a few months, I had a group of 7-8 best friends. They truly became my family, my village, they supported me, helped when I needed them most, loved me, and truly became my second set of hands and eyes as I raised Easton away from family. The phrase “It takes a village” is no longer a term I use to throw around loosely, it has such a deep and real meaning behind it. And because of that, I hold it so close to my heart. I don't know if my Vegas Village will ever know how much I truly love and appreciate them.

SOOO. This is where I need your help: leave me a comment below with your pick for which banner goes up on this gallery wall. I’m having a hard time picking which one goes up!

These simple banners go a long way in adding a touch of personality and style to your home, and we are so excited to offer you a giveaway with them this week! Click the link below to be entered to win $50 to each of our shops! 

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