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Posted by Julie Baumgartner on May 15th 2017

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm ready for my children to be done with school! It's that time of year when things are wrapping up, state tests are being administered, and the kids (and parents) are antsy to start summer! We are looking forward to staying up later, sleeping in later, spending lots of time outside, and going on a couple of fun family vacations!

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Kind People are My Kind of People

It's also the time of year to start thinking about Teacher Appreciation Gifts! Our teachers do so much for our children, all school year! They get to know them and their personalities. They know the areas that they shine in, as well as the areas they struggle in. There is a reason I didn't become a school teacher for my profession, and I am so grateful for people who are able to do that!

I've found the perfect shop for your teacher appreciation gifts this year! The Wright Stuff Chicks offers graphic educator tees and gift items that you will love. And not only that, they offer them at reasonable prices!

Kind People are My Kind of People

T-ShirtShoes | Hat | SunniesShorts

Kind people really are my kid of people! And what a better message for teachers to spread in their classrooms! With all of the unkindness and bullying that happens in our schools nowadays, kindness really should rule wherever possible!

Kind People are My Kind of People


T-shirts are definitely my go-to for the spring and summer (and I know how teachers love them too)! But what I love most about them is that they can be so versatile. You can go from casual to chic with just the change from shorts to a gorgeous pencil skirt!

Be Kind

T-Shirt | Shoes | Skirt | Bag | Sunnies

Get your favorite teachers something they can use over and over this year, at get it at an affordable price from The Wright Stuff Chicks!

Teach Your Heart Out Baseball Tee

T-Shirt | Hat | Sunnies | Shoes | Shorts

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