'Tis the Season of Giving

Posted by Mak Reed on Nov 30th 2017

‘Tis the season of giving!! The holidays are a time that we tend to look outwards to those around us. Cookies are shared, driveways are secretly shoveled, 12 days of Christmas gifts are doorbell ditched on people's porches, and lots of love is shared.  This giving aura that fills the air around us gives this season a special kind of magic.  It makes me feel warm, happy, and so excited to brighten someone's day with a surprise.  

This holiday season, we at RubyClaire Boutique are looking for someone who emulates the word “giving”. We are asking you to nominate someone selfless, someone kind, someone who is humble, someone who goes out of their way to make others feel special, and someone whose good deeds may go unnoticed. 

This kind soul will receive $250 in RubyClaire store credit! 

Nomination must include: Name of the nominated person, email address of the nominated person, a description/story of why they should win, and a picture (optional).  Send all nominations to contests@rubyclaireboutique.com Winner will be announced on 12/22!   

Merry Christmas and happy giving!