Valentine's Day Wish List

Valentine's Day Wish List

Posted by Emma Giesea on Jan 31st 2019


Show this blog post to your boyfriends/husbands/S.O. so they know exactly what to get you for Valentine's Day! No more pretending you love what they got you, now you can actually be satisfied + they don't have to go through the struggle of guessing what you'll like. Keep scrolling for alllll the fashion gift ideas you'll need this holiday!

Item #1: The BodyCon


It's the LBD (little blue dress) you never knew you needed. BodyCons are the BEST because they make your figure look ahhhmazing with no effort. That tie in front works some kind of magic to make you look like you have killer curves (or just exaggerate them if you already do have killer curves!) and it's made from t-shirt material, so it's crazy comfy. 

Item #2: Platform Sandals


I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm OBSESSED with these darling little platforms. Not only do they add a little height to any outfit, but they are minimalistic and go with just about everything! We can't wait to rock these with every skirt, day-dress, and spring/summer outfit all season long!

Item #3: Workout Leggings


I've always said, there's no better motivation for the gym than cute workout clothes, and these leggings definitely prove my point! The laced up side, and super squat proof material (meaning they won't go see-through) make these babies perfect for hitting the gym, helping you keep those January resolutions!

Item #4: Minky Coat


I know this coat looks super soft... but that is the understatement of the YEAR. It is cozier than any blanket I've felt, and I promise I'm not exaggerating. If this jacket isn't on your wish list already, it needs to be ASAP because you'll never take it off. Dress it up with a skirt + heels, or just go street style + pair it with jeans and sneaks. 

Item #5: Jewelry 


Every girl needs a little (or a lot) of jewelry in her life. This necklace has been my latest obsession (I pair it with EVERYTHING, seriously) It's one necklace that looks like three, and it spices up any simple outfit so easily. My personal favorite is wearing it with off the shoulder shirts, or v-necks and tucking the long piece into the shirt! It gives any look such a fun + boho chic vibe.

If these items don't quite meet your wish list requirements, that's okay, you can still help your man out with gift ideas. Here's how:

 > Head to and at the top of the page will be a link called "Wish Lists"

> Log in to your account + click on "New Wish List"

> Name your list + start shopping all your favs from the website

> If you're just browsing through the site, you can select the little heart on the photo of the item you like (in the upper right corner) and it'll appear in your list! 


> When you're on the page of an item you love, just click "add to wish list" + you'll see it appear, super simple!  

Happy shopping Gems,