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  • Let's Talk Stripes
    Jul 7th 2020

    Let's Talk Stripes

    Do you know how to style stripes? This might be scary for some people. But, don't worry, I am here t

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  • Summer Park Workouts
    Jun 28th 2020

    Summer Park Workouts

    Ready or not, summer is here and it's not showing us any mercy. Now that you are fitted up for a goo

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  • Keeping It Girly at RCB
    Jun 23rd 2020

    Keeping It Girly at RCB

    Every Fashionista has a slight girly side to her. Maybe it is a touch of pattern, dresses, fabulous

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  • Essential Workout Attire
    Jun 17th 2020

    Essential Workout Attire

    If you're like me, squeezing a workout in is hard! It's not easy when you're not motivated. Sometime

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