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  • Interview Outfits
    Sep 16th 2019

    Interview Outfits

    Hi Gem! If you're here, it probably means you are on the hunt for a job. How exciting! I am here to

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  • Julie's Collection | Sporty
    Sep 12th 2019

    Julie's Collection | Sporty

    Hi friends! Julie here! I am so excited to share with you my vision of how to style sporty looks thr

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  • Lauren's Collection | Classic
    Sep 11th 2019

    Lauren's Collection | Classic

    Hi there!  I’m Lauren, the photographer!  This collection has been so fun and an op

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  • Anna's Collection | Girly
    Sep 11th 2019

    Anna's Collection | Girly

    I was lucky enough to feature one of the style categories I relate to most, I’m talking all about th

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